We Are Fest CIC is a community interet company run by volunteers. We work hard to champion equality across the city. We mainly work to challenge, educate and champion for the LGBT Community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans) but work across all strands of diversity. From events for women in the workplace to BME LGBT film screenings or ensuring that those we work for have considered access requirements you’ll find our work as diverse as the communities we work with.

We hold annual events for Black History Month (October) and LGBT History Month (February) – scroll down to find out more and we also organiser the annual Bristol Pride Festival.

Bristol Pride is a week long celebrations showcasing the great talents within the community ranging from Art, Music, Film, Theatre and Dance.
Visit the dedicated Bristol Pride website
& to get involved with Pride! e: info@wearefest.com

Thank you to everyone who has come forward to help make these events happen. We are unfunded but proud to be able to showcase gay culture and talent across the city.

Visible and Inspirational events that celebrate community

Community is at all our hearts but it can sometimes be difficult to visibly celebrate everything we have to offer.

WE ARE: HERE does just that with events all year round to celebrate the diversity within our community and provide fun, safe and engaging events to raise awareness and visibility.

In October We Are: Here marks Black History Month with a special event to celebrate our LGBT BME community and during February we celebrate LGBT History month with many other groups across the city.

If you would like to be involved & perform – email: info@wearefest.com

We Are: Remembering celebrates all that we are and how we got here.

With special events all year round, from LGBT History Month, IDAHO Day, World AIDS day and more…. we are creating great events to celebrate and remember who we are.

Our clubnight continues this work as we take over the Queenshilling for an LGBT Journey down memory lane. We’ll be spinning classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s & 00s as we look at the music and LGBT movements, memories and mandates that defined generations. So whether you were dropping that ghetto blaster and dancing hard to S Express when section 28 was introduced in 1988 or just slipping into some gold hot pants and ‘Spinning Around’ with Kylie when it was finally repealed in 2000 this is your chance to dance like it’s old Skool whilst finding out more about LGBT History.

Showcasing & celebrating diversity in all its forms.

Visibility for any group can be a struggle but by working together and creating high profile events across the city we can shout out to everyone….
We Are: Here | We Are: Proud | We Are: Diverse | We Are: Remembering

We Are Fest is a not for profit Community Interest Company (C.I.C) reg number 8014320

Email: info@wearefest.com


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Bristol Day Of The Dead Festival is something a little different. Showcasing live bands, dance groups, DJs and all the fun of Halloween but with a twist!

The spirit remembrance and celebration of life to Bristol as West Country meets Latin America!

Expect local and international acts, top DJs, Mariachi competitions, ghost walks, apple bobbing, pumpkin carving lessons and competitions , haunted house and ghost ride, prizes for best dressed and all topped off with a spectacular fireworks display

ffi visit www.dayofthedeadfest.co.uk